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Post: That Vintage Trophy Style

Customers that visit our showroom know that we have multitudes of old trophy figures because we’ve been around so long.  What most people may not know is that we still have them!  We have bins and bins of metal trophy figures that aren’t made anymore that you can still buy and have for your trophy.

In fact, some time ago The Hi-Life, a restaurant in Ballard, had purchased several fireman figures from us as decoration as it used to be called The Firehouse.  Bearing that in mind, these figures are certainly not just sports figures.  There’s a paper boy, prospector, boy scout, river dancer, scuba diver, shuffle board player, a rocket and a very ambiguous man in a suit that is in the “thinker” position.

Again, these figures either cannot be made anymore or, as with other places, special ordered which costs a mint.  We still have them, although in limited supply of course, to put on your next trophy to give it that vintage look that you are looking for.



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