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Post: Holiday Open House

On Monday, December 17th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, we will be holding the first ever Athletic Awards Holiday Open House.  This open house will not only be a food and music get together, but you will also be able to see how your awards are made.  Athletic Awards has committed to making our events for charity and for this event we have chosen YouthCare, a local charity that specializes in helping homeless and at-risk kids in more ways than just one.

So the details; if you RSVP, either by email, facebook, twitter or even a phone call, you will be guaranteed one free custom engraved glass ornament of your choice.  One of the five glass (we have two metal ones as well) pieces, text and picture to go with it are all up to you!  We are also giving away free limited edition Athletic Awards t-shirts and sweat-shirts at the door while supplies last.  When inside, mention your name if you have an RSVP and watch your ornament be laser engraved!  Now, what if you forget to RSVP?  That’s okay because we will have pre-engraved images on ornaments to choose from and you can still have custom text for free!

Let’s also not forget about our wonderful charity, YouthCare.  YouthCare helps with a mentoring, help with high school education and GED, counseling and life coaching, employment training, clothing, a place to stay and simply put a childhood.  YouthCare is a Seattle charity and accepts donations in numerous ways.  Starting today (Friday, November 30th) and suggested donations at our open house we will be accepting monetary donations.  Read more about YouthCare here:

To put the icing on the cake, we will also have music, food and finally a raffle.  All of our raffle gifts will be wrapped and put under our tree.  If or when your ticket number is called, choose a wrapped present, but please, contain your excitement and unwrap it in the comfort of your own home.

Simply put, if you have ever wondered about just what goes into making trophies, awards, or plaques, you will be able to see all of it in action.  Let Athletic Awards show you our Christmas cheer and come on down to our Holiday Open House after you get off from a long day at work!  And as always, have a happy holidays from all of us here at Athletic Awards.

Choose the one you want and let us know!

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