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Post: Athletic Awards, a Part of Sonics History

With talks of the Super Sonics coming back to Seattle, we decided to share a bit of Sonics history that we took part in starting back in 1978.  For those of you who remember, ’78 was a good year for Seattle basketball.  The 7’1” center, Marvin Webster, had a career defining season setting records that still stand today.  The 1978 season did not however earn Seattle the championship, but that didn’t stop the pride the people of Seattle had for “Magnificent Marvin”, as 250,000+ people turned out for the parade honoring the team.
So where do we come in this history lesson?  Well, in that parade (see the newspaper picture) Monty Holmes Sr., the founder of Athletic Awards, is pictured driving Marvin Webster in his 1930 Packard.  

If that isn’t enough, in the very next year (1979) the Sonics would go on to win the national title.  Years later, the very same NBA championship trophy was brought in to Athletic Awards to be refurbished and cleaned.  This tied a neat bow on our Sonics history that we have had the pleasure of being a part of.


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