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Football Season

With football season in full swing, we at Athletic Awards have come up with some new designs for football trophies.  We are constantly striving for what looks new and exciting whether it be for fantasy football, optimist football leagues, high school, college or even professional teams.  Considering that any of our trophies can be modified into a football trophy, these new trophies are specifically designed for football.

The new designs will be on the website soon; however, if you are able to stop by our newly re-done showroom, you will be able among the first to see them.  BUT, we have included a sneak peek into just one set of the finished concepts.  Enjoy, it’s football season!

Vendor Fair Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to Lauren Geretti who won two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S.! Lauren came down from Tommy Bahama to our vendor fair last Thursday to check out our apparel and promotional products. She filled out her card by visiting our vendor booths and entered the raffle.
Monty called her right after the drawing to tell her she had won. “I couldn’t believe it! I thought someone was playing a joke.” she recalled her first thoughts on winning. It was not a joke however as she came down to Athletic Awards today to receive the prize.
Lauren plans on flying to sunny Florida, Miami Beach perhaps.

From everyone at Athletic Awards, congratulations Lauren Geretti, see you next year!

Monty Holmes & Lauren Geretti

Athletic Awards Vendor Fair 2012

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for the annual Athletic Awards Vendor Fair last Thursday, on September 6th.  Hosting 18 different vendors displaying a wide array of promotional products and apparel, this year was the biggest vendor fair to date.

Every year for vendor fair, we raise funds for charity.  This year our charity was Special Olympics WA.  Along with the Tukwila Police Explorer Program and their dunk tank, we were able to raise $2,400 from our patrons.  For those who don’t know, the explorer program is for young adults who aspire to be police officers, doing ride-along training and getting to know first hand police force knowledge.  Not only did they volunteer to be dunked for charity, three of them were also willing to participate in our fashion show.

The fashion show, our most ambitious vendor fair event yet, was great for us, our vendors and more importantly the crowd.  We all got to see our products walking and working down the red carpet with cameras shuttering and flashing.  Everything from construction, to leisure, to corporate casual, to active wear were on display in the rare and beautiful eighty degree Seattle weather.

Another thing that I know we at Athletic Awards look forward to and everyone in attendance is the food.  This year we had catering done by a South Lake Union neighbor, Portage Bay Cafe.  To describe their sandwiches, salads and wraps in one word, fantastic.  Some loyal vendor fair goers stated that it was the best food provided at ANY vendor fair/trade show yet!

Those in attendance know that every year we have a raffle for those who complete a passport that is checked off by each vendor.  The prize is two round trip tickets to anywhere in the continental United States.  This year’s lucky winner is Lauren Geretti who came down from Tommy Bahama.  Congratulations to her!

Between the fashion show, the particularly large turn out of vendors, our success with the Special Olympics WA, the Tukwila Police Explorers, our lovely food and wonderful weather, this year’s vendor fair was great to say the least.  From everyone here at Athletic Awards, thank you to our vendors, models, and everyone who came out to help make this year such a success.

Click here to see pictures!


Athletic Awards, a Part of Sonics History

With talks of the Super Sonics coming back to Seattle, we decided to share a bit of Sonics history that we took part in starting back in 1978.  For those of you who remember, ’78 was a good year for Seattle basketball.  The 7’1” center, Marvin Webster, had a career defining season setting records that still stand today.  The 1978 season did not however earn Seattle the championship, but that didn’t stop the pride the people of Seattle had for “Magnificent Marvin”, as 250,000+ people turned out for the parade honoring the team.
So where do we come in this history lesson?  Well, in that parade (see the newspaper picture) Monty Holmes Sr., the founder of Athletic Awards, is pictured driving Marvin Webster in his 1930 Packard.  

If that isn’t enough, in the very next year (1979) the Sonics would go on to win the national title.  Years later, the very same NBA championship trophy was brought in to Athletic Awards to be refurbished and cleaned.  This tied a neat bow on our Sonics history that we have had the pleasure of being a part of.

Ronald McDonald House and Seafair

Athletic Awards has donated 96 of the pictured hats to the Ronald McDonald House to use during Seafair. This is an exciting event for the kids staying at Ronald McDonald House, where they will get to participate at Seafair by visiting the hydroplane Miss Ronald McDonald House and have access to the pits and see other hydroplanes.  The kids who are not healthy enough to attend Seafair in person will still get a hat at the house.

Employee Recognition and How It’s Good For Business

Studies released by the Business Research Lab show that employee recognition programs are what fuel high employee satisfaction in the workplace.  In fact, not a single successful firm has high employee satisfaction with low recognition—proof that recognition is key to high morale in the workplace.

Higher compensation has been the usual go-to for most companies in the past.  However, Forbes recently published an article that monetary incentive programs are becoming less important to employees, not only in the U.S., but around the globe.  They go on to state that especially in this economy, affording bonuses, pay raises, etc. is becoming more difficult for companies to do.  So what can managers and business owners do to recognize employees?

The first thing on everyone’s list is an award, but why?  An award can be displayed to not only customers and clients, but to other employees.  Co-workers will strive to have a plaque on the wall praising their success.

Recognition is not only good for business, but for building a strong company.



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Buzz Aldrin presents the Space Needle Space Race trophy

Photo courtesy of Joshua Trujillo, Seattle PI















In celebration of the Space Needle’s 50th Anniversary, the Space Needle sponsored a “Space Race” competition, resulting in sending one fortunate individual to the stars.  Buzz Aldrin presented the winner with a trophy created and built by Athletic Awards.

This trophy is very special to Athletic Awards.  In 1961, our Founder Monty Holmes, Sr. started designing the Space Needle trophy without knowing what it looked like.  When he came up with the design, he set the competition back and increased sales by 3 times what it was.

Athletic Awards is very proud to have Buzz Aldrin present the trophy that we created for this event!

One of the original Athletic Awards Space Needle trophies from the 1960's


















The Mystery of Athletic Awards Man

This photo, taken from a local surveillance camera, depicts what some are saying is the photographic proof that Athletic Awards Man has returned to South Lake Union.  Skeptics have dismissed the photo as bogus.  Others believe that the photo could just as easily be Athletic Awards Man taken from the world’s largest trophy cup that contains the iconic figure’s image.

For those who have long believed that he would one day return to his home, the prospect is truly tantalizing.

Athletic Awards is following the rumors closely and will be the first to report on new developments as they arise.


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