Apr 24

An Athletic Awards newbie!!

Exciting news!

We have a newbie employee, Trish Bozeman.  She has taken over for Claire as the office WonderWoman.  We miss Claire, but Trish is quite the diamond in the rough. 🙂

“Hello Athletic Awards fans!  I grew up in Kirkland, WA until I went to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 2000.  I started my career in accounting about 7 years ago and have slowly but surely been working towards getting my B.S. in accounting.  I currently live in Seattle, WA with my fiancé and my mini schnauzer Tootsie Roll, and am hoping to buy my first house soon.  I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, enjoying a good cup of coffee, getting outdoors in the sunshine, and spending as much time as I can with my friends and family.”

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Seattle sunshine while it lasts.

Have a good week!

Athletic Awards

Nov 30

Holiday Open House

On Monday, December 17th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, we will be holding the first ever Athletic Awards Holiday Open House.  This open house will not only be a food and music get together, but you will also be able to see how your awards are made.  Athletic Awards has committed to making our events for charity and for this event we have chosen YouthCare, a local charity that specializes in helping homeless and at-risk kids in more ways than just one.

So the details; if you RSVP, either by email, facebook, twitter or even a phone call, you will be guaranteed one free custom engraved glass ornament of your choice.  One of the five glass (we have two metal ones as well) pieces, text and picture to go with it are all up to you!  We are also giving away free limited edition Athletic Awards t-shirts and sweat-shirts at the door while supplies last.  When inside, mention your name if you have an RSVP and watch your ornament be laser engraved!  Now, what if you forget to RSVP?  That’s okay because we will have pre-engraved images on ornaments to choose from and you can still have custom text for free!

Let’s also not forget about our wonderful charity, YouthCare.  YouthCare helps with a mentoring, help with high school education and GED, counseling and life coaching, employment training, clothing, a place to stay and simply put a childhood.  YouthCare is a Seattle charity and accepts donations in numerous ways.  Starting today (Friday, November 30th) and suggested donations at our open house we will be accepting monetary donations.  Read more about YouthCare here: http://www.youthcare.org/

To put the icing on the cake, we will also have music, food and finally a raffle.  All of our raffle gifts will be wrapped and put under our tree.  If or when your ticket number is called, choose a wrapped present, but please, contain your excitement and unwrap it in the comfort of your own home.

Simply put, if you have ever wondered about just what goes into making trophies, awards, or plaques, you will be able to see all of it in action.  Let Athletic Awards show you our Christmas cheer and come on down to our Holiday Open House after you get off from a long day at work!  And as always, have a happy holidays from all of us here at Athletic Awards.

Choose the one you want and let us know!

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Oct 23

A Fred Hutchinson Legend

We at Athletic Awards were sad to see Dr. E. Donnall Thomas go on October 20th.  Dr. Thomas was a Nobel Laureate in medicine for his pioneering cancer research at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that he co-founded.  Through the study of bone marrow transplants, Dr. Thomas saved countless lives.

In 1996, Athletic Awards created a medal bearing his image for the E. Donnall Thomas Medal of Achievement and is mounted inside a custom made wood and acrylic case.  This award is presented at an annual black tie evening affair to those who show “a lifetime of achievement with far-reaching benefits to humanity”; the very same characteristics that Dr. E. Donnall Thomas himself carried.

The E. Donnall Thomas Medal of Achievement


Oct 23

Sonics Coming Back

You may have read in a previous post that we have cleaned the NBA championship trophy, won back in 1979, in the past for free.  It’s even given us a place in Sonics and Seattle history.  Well when the Sonics come back (and we do mean when) we want to officially say that we will continue to uphold that promise.  Athletic Awards will continue to clean and maintain upkeep on the 1979 NBA championship trophy and any other championship trophy that the Sonics may win, for free whenever they want.  We are proud to have been a part of Sonics tradition in the past and we would be more than honored to continue to do so.

Monty Holmes with the 1979 NBA Championship trophy.

Oct 04

Adult Sports Leagues

Sports leagues, whether it be flag football, kickball, softball, soccer, or even bocce ball or dodge ball, are not just for kids.  Leagues have been popping up all around Seattle for adults; pitting friends from different neighborhoods in friendly competition.  Most people wouldn’t think of adult sports leagues to get trophies for, thinking that we don’t have figures for the more obscure sports, but we of course do.

For the figures we do not have however, we can make custom.  Not that you would have to pay a premium to special order it like other places, not at all.  We make custom trophies in house, right here at Athletic Awards.  Anything that can be thought of, we can do.  However extravagant or quirky, we can do and have done in the past.   In fact, we’ve included some pictures of other custom trophies we’ve made in house for other customers.

This does not mean, however, that trophies are the way to go for everything.  Keep in mind that we also do a variety of apparel and glass ware.  For example, one of the largest adult sports leagues in the city, Underdog Sports, does not do trophies, but has ordered pint glasses and shot glasses from us as their commemorative piece for their players.  It just goes to show there is no limitation as to what we can do.

Remember, with trophies, the only limit is your imagination.

Visit Underdog Sports here: http://www.underdogseattle.com/


Sep 27

That Vintage Trophy Style

Customers that visit our showroom know that we have multitudes of old trophy figures because we’ve been around so long.  What most people may not know is that we still have them!  We have bins and bins of metal trophy figures that aren’t made anymore that you can still buy and have for your trophy.

In fact, some time ago The Hi-Life, a restaurant in Ballard, had purchased several fireman figures from us as decoration as it used to be called The Firehouse.  Bearing that in mind, these figures are certainly not just sports figures.  There’s a paper boy, prospector, boy scout, river dancer, scuba diver, shuffle board player, a rocket and a very ambiguous man in a suit that is in the “thinker” position.

Again, these figures either cannot be made anymore or, as with other places, special ordered which costs a mint.  We still have them, although in limited supply of course, to put on your next trophy to give it that vintage look that you are looking for.


Sep 20

Get to Athletic Awards With Ease

As many Seattlelites know, Mercer street has been under construction in order to become a two-way street.  We’ve had a lot of questions asking how the traffic is and what the drive is like getting here. What most don’t know is, is that it is now surprisingly fast and easy to get to Athletic Awards from I5!  In fact, the Google Maps mobile app has just recently been updated to show Mercer as a two-way street.  Some quick directions?  Easy.  Drive west on Mercer, that’s right west, and take a left on 9th and a right on Republican and you are right in front of Athletic Awards (817 Republican) in record time.  No loops, no back tracking.

So if you haven’t had the chance to come down to our newly remodeled show room, please do, it’s now easier and faster than ever!


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!                                                  http://www.athleticawards.com/index.cfm/page/contactUs/contact-us.cfm


Sep 18

Football Season

With football season in full swing, we at Athletic Awards have come up with some new designs for football trophies.  We are constantly striving for what looks new and exciting whether it be for fantasy football, optimist football leagues, high school, college or even professional teams.  Considering that any of our trophies can be modified into a football trophy, these new trophies are specifically designed for football.

The new designs will be on the website soon; however, if you are able to stop by our newly re-done showroom, you will be able among the first to see them.  BUT, we have included a sneak peek into just one set of the finished concepts.  Enjoy, it’s football season!

Sep 12

Vendor Fair Raffle Winner!

Congratulations to Lauren Geretti who won two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S.! Lauren came down from Tommy Bahama to our vendor fair last Thursday to check out our apparel and promotional products. She filled out her card by visiting our vendor booths and entered the raffle.
Monty called her right after the drawing to tell her she had won. “I couldn’t believe it! I thought someone was playing a joke.” she recalled her first thoughts on winning. It was not a joke however as she came down to Athletic Awards today to receive the prize.
Lauren plans on flying to sunny Florida, Miami Beach perhaps.

From everyone at Athletic Awards, congratulations Lauren Geretti, see you next year!

Monty Holmes & Lauren Geretti